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Selling your Home?

We're sorry to see you go, but here is some information and links to a variety of resources you will need in the sales process.

HOA Disclosure Package Request Form:

If you are selling your Compton Village Home or Condo, you are required by Virginia law to purchase a disclosure packet. You may request a packet by ordering the packet online at or by contacting the property management company FirstService Residential.

PUD (Planned Unit Development) & Refinance Questionnaires

Questionnaires are ordered on-line at the link below:

You will need the following information to request a Questionnaire.

1. Property Name
2. Unit address
3. Requestors Name
4. Requestors telephone number and/or e-mail address (in case there are any questions)
5. Return fax number or e-mail address

The cost for the automated Questionnaires on-line are as follows:

1. $75 for 10 business days turnaround
2. $125 for 5 business days turnaround
3. $200 for 2 day service turnaround

The cost for a specific lender form to be completed:

$250 for same day service of a lender specific form completed by the Questionnaire Coordinator through WelcomeLink (form and payment MUST be submitted through the Welcomelink site by 12 noon that day)

Direct Payment - EFT Form

You may request a packet of information by contacting the property management company. - FirstService Residential, email: